Social Responsibility

Committed by our aim in contributing with our work and ideas to the creation of a better world, and within our means and resources available as well as the professional code of conduct, we participate in several initiatives and actions, aiming to promote natural and social environment protection and viability:

  • Primarily, through the consultancy services we provide, which are horizontally guided by the central aim to promote the principles of sustainability, social cohesion and balanced development.
  • By financing charity work and ecological non-governmental organisations and foundations./li>
  • By participating and supporting initiatives, activities and events that aim to enhance protection and rehabilitation of the natural environment and help disadvantaged social groups.
  • By supporting and encouraging our staff to offer voluntary work in ecological, social and cultural actions and activities.

A particularly significant corporate social contribution, which does not become directly apparent to the wider society, is the adoption by our company of the following core value

Above all is that the project serves the people,


 which is a fundamental principle that all our staff embrace.

In applying the above principle, our company has:

    • Successfully completed many contracts, which experienced funding problems and limitations on behalf of the commissioning authority, in order to proceed with necessary project and infrastructure works for the benefit of the people.
    • Provided, with a symbolic fee, consultancy services and technical support to promote eligible projects and secure their funding from the available EU and national funds.