Vision & Mission

The fundamental principles and values of the company’s policy which are adopted by all staff and associates, include:

  • Promoting professionalism, honesty, ethos and integrity in all company relationships, both with clients and staff.
  • Building strong and permanent co-operational networks and relations with clients, rather than occasional ones, putting the emphasis on attaining the highest level of satisfaction and fulfilment of client’s expectations.
  • Assuring high levels of quality, perfection and integrity in the services provided.
  • Constantly improving the procedures involved in the production and quality assurance of the project deliverables.
  • Keeping up-to-date with newest scientific and technical progresses and demands, through channels of instant information search and up-take, continuous training and lifelong learning.
  • Selecting the most efficient and effective project solutions in terms of technical, economic, social and environmental aspects.
  • Safeguarding coherency and compliance with Greek and European legislation and international codes of practice, as well as respect of the socially responsible, professional and moral values adopted by the company.

The core business aims include:

  • To sustain positive rates in the company’s growth and reinforce its position in the national market in order to become the leading consultancy in the field.
  • Enhance extroversion and increase the company’s international presence and activities.
  • Expand to new service sectors.

The mission of the company and the common vision of its executive team are summed up in the overarching objective and anticipation:
– To contribute with our ideas and work in the creation of a better world, and
– To confirm, through our operational reviews, that we have indeed made the effort.