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Terms of site use

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Hyperlinks (to the site)

ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. encourages its site users to create hyperlinks to www.roikos.gr without bearing the obligation to ask for permission. However, it is not permitted to download web pages of the www.roikos.gr into frames of other websites. All hyperlinks to www.roikos.gr contained in web pages of other sites, must be accessed through our domain.

Hyperlinks (from the site)

ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. has no liability for the content and credibility of other websites included as hyperlinks in this site, nor does it necessarily adopt the opinions expressed in those sites. The third parties who are legally liable for those websites bear the sole responsibility for the content or for any potential damage caused by their use, to users/visitors of www.roikos.gr accessing third parties’ websites via hyperlinks. The users/visitors of www.roikos.gr consent that through accessing third parties’ websites via hyperlinks from our site, they effectively leave our site and are subjected to the terms & conditions of the other sites.

Moreover, ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. cannot guarantee that the third parties’ websites, accessed via hyperlinks, are available at any time nor that their content is kept up-to-date.

Protection from viruses and malware

ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. takes all possible precautions against viruses/ malware as well as measures to thoroughly control the stuff uploaded on the site. The company has no liability for any loss or damage of data and/or software and hardware equipment of the user/visitor that may be caused during or after the visit to our website. In any case, we strongly recommend the use of antivirus protection software.


The information included in our website is published following reviewing and editing by our staff. ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. takes all necessary measures to safeguard the accuracy of the information published. However, the web content is displayed as it is without creating any consequent or stated guarantees. The company has neither any liability in relation to possible legal claims of the civic or criminal law, nor to potential damages (sustained or deponent) caused to the user/visitor of the site.

ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. does not guarantee that the functioning of the site and its contents will be provided without interruption and error nor that any possible imperfection will be automatically corrected. The company does not guarantee either that the server which hosts the site is free of viruses. In any case, there is no liability for any indirect or subsequent loss or damage of data and/or software and hardware equipment of the user/visitor, that may be caused during or after the visit to our website.

Modification of site’s content & services

ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. has the right to modify the content of this site and amend the services provided, with or without prior notice to the user/visitor of the site.

Suggestions – Comments

The site of ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A. has been designed, in principle, to be user friendly and provide a high level of service. In this context, we invite suggestions and comments that could improve the site’s content and enhance its services. Hence, if you have any suggestion, comment or question please contact us through the “Contact” tool in the menu.