In the field of transportation, Roikos S.A. provides consultancy services across all aspects related to transport systems and infrastructure, and throughout the whole project life-cycle: from the initial planning phase, financial and human resources, preliminary designs, tender documents and contract award to final designs, construction and operational management.

In transport scheme projects and in order to, inter alia, map new roads and carry out accurate and reliable calculations regarding road specifications and characteristics, specialised software is used on top of CAD applications and GIS technologies, such as state-of-the-art travel demand estimation models and traffic simulation software.

Roikos S.A. provides services in the following areas:

  • Transport systems planning (roads and railways)
  • Bridges and Tunnels construction
  • Traffic management and parking schemes
  • Road signage and safety
  • Management, operation and maintenance of transport infrastructure

Roikos S.A. brings together the professional expertise and scientific skills to support a wide range of services required in transport projects, such as quantity surveying, digital mapping and GIS, structural engineering, geological and geotechnical studies, drainage, flood protection and irrigation, electrical and mechanical engineering, environmental impact assessment etc.


Typical projects:

  • Traffic management and Parking scheme study for the Athens’ Weightlifting Olympic Stadium
  • Participation in the design of several highway sections of the Greek National Roads Network (Patra – Athens – Salonica Motorway, Egnatia Motorway, Ionian Motorway, National Road of Crete, etc).
  • Traffic management and Parking scheme study in the City of Trikala (model output sheet).
  • Traffic management and Parking scheme study in the town of Kalampaka – Meteora region.
  • Study for the extension and upgrading of the bus routes operated by the electrically powered buses (trolleys) company in the region of Athens and Piraeus